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In my work I have encountered hundreds of colleagues being absolutely stressed out about presenting, while some only sometimes others quite often experienced debilitating nervousness. And it didn’t seem to matter what level of experience they had.

That last part made me wonder. For years I applied a very simple yet very successful method based on 3 steps: prepare, rehearse and deliver. Nothing fancy, however to this simple method a 4th element was added. This 4th element is about finding out what happens between the ears. Yes, it is psychology in action. Nothing ‘spooky’ though or nothing ‘deep’, instead it is gaining plain common sense about what we really think about. This thinking process  defines the ultimate outcome of our presentation.

In the business presenting is often regarded and treated as an ‘add on’ task. Due to heavy workload, late notice, jumping in for someone else, most people drag this task to the last minute. I strongly believe the business suffers from low impact unfocused presentations given from stressed out unclear presenters.

Why did I write the book? I want to see my colleagues succeed in everything they do. When they do well, the business does well and in return we all do well too. So, it’s me offering my skill to my colleagues so they can be at their best and we can all thrive. In other words, I have your back!

In many ways, writing this book has been a journey on it’s own, from staying out of the lime light to allowing full visibility. My aim is still the same, for you to be able to be this presenter you want to be while crafting and delivering an impactful presentation worth hearing.

This video describes how I have been sabotaging myself while writing the book. The reasons are the same as for presentations. Sabotaging activities can be obvious or subtle. Only a conscious look a them and the willingness to do things different will help you become your own ally. I also needed to experience this.