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When you present, who is running the show?

It only takes one person to Get Clear, You!

Sandra Van de Cauter

‘Life happens while you make plans’, this reality is at the core of the unusual career of Sandra.


“What drives me the most, is seeing the people I coach shine and thrive. I believe that everyone has a message we all need to hear. I strongly believe that the strength from our society comes from the ability to share our thoughts, ideas, opinions in a clear and focused matter. Only then will we understand what is being shared. And what is being shared could very well be the inspiration you were waiting for, I was waiting for.

For decades I have offered my support from the sideline.  Writing down my view on impactful presentations is my way of respecting my own message and getting clear. Now I want the world to know how simple it can be to deliver a message worth hearing. It requires taking a courageous look into who is running the show?

It is my biggest wish this book will help you in getting your message out there. It only takes one person to Get Clear, You.”

Career and Education
Sandra’s career track is diverse bringing a rich collection of experience to present alternate insights and new ways of working to many operational and management challenges; a background of success in global project management, stakeholder management and creative learning design.
Sandra’s education is as diverse as her career track: Masters in Interior Architecture, Professional certificate in Business Management, ongoing Masters in Business Analysis and a Certificate in Project Management  (PRINCE2 Practitioner)
Sandra is also a Distinguished Toastmaster, Master Practitioner NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming®) and sought-after speaking coach and communication trainer.