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GET CLEAR Craft and Deliver Impactful Presentations Worth Hearing

This book explains the method of ‘Get Clear’, a method useful to anyone who is looking for support to deliver a clean, crisp and clear message, however experienced you already are.

It is written in story format based on real life experiences.

When you can relate to one of these concerns, you will benefit from this book

They have more experience than me.

I get nervous speaking to a large audience.

I do not like questions asked after my presentation.

They will make fun of my accent.

I will draw a blank and forget my text.

I do not like presenting other people’s slides.

I do not have time to prepare or rehearse.

I do not like presenting on stage.

I do not like presenting to senior management.

I do not have enough expertise.


Interactive session Discovering sabotaging activities and creating an action plan
June 27, 2017, 5.30pm
Restaurant Mägd, Basel

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